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About Us

Take a glimpse at why we believe we’re well suited to Australian healthcare hire needs


How it started...

Our team has previous experience working in healthcare clinic management backgrounds, where recruitment felt like a full-time job of its own.

We have experienced first-hand the difference a poor hire can make to your day-to-day operations and your bottom dollar, not to mention the lost time that you’ll never get back.

This frustration blossomed into a new career path to do things better, to hire in a way that makes a profound change in our client’s lives, and we’re truly humbled by the results and feedback we receive.


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We find that an open and honest flow of communication is the best way to remain on the same page with our clients and deliver on expectations.

We believe this is the main reason most clients choose to use us again and again for all their hires.

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Always There

Our team are available to chat at any time, whatever your need may be.

We realise that processes and urgencies can change at a moments notice in the hiring world and are proud to be here for you every step of the way.


Expert Advice

When you engage to work with Top Healthcare Talents, you instantly uncover years of experience and knowledge to benefit from in your next hire.

We go above and beyond to ensure you don't miss out on receiving the full benefit of our learning and passion for making great hires.

Chat to us

Our hiring process and inclusions is able to change depending on your business setup and role requirements. For this reason it’s best to contact us to get an instant feel for how we like to work, and how you can benefit. 

Though our approach is tailored, we always ensure affordable hiring fees are used and respectful, open communication so that you return to work with us for all future projects.